Reading Leaders

We have seven Reading Leaders (one child from Y2 – Y6) and they were voted in by their class before the summer. 

Each week Mrs Wright reads a story in our Thursday assembly which links to our weekly whole school focus. The front covers of the books that will be read for the year are displayed in our library area and class teachers are welcome to take the books read to share again with their classes. Stories in Thursday's weekly story assembly

During assembly, one child from each class is awarded a Star Reader certificate and these certificates are handed out by our Reading Leaders.  Once assembly finishes, our Reading Leaders and Star Readers meet to discuss favourite books and authors while enjoying a biscuit. It is lovely to see the children having in depth conversations and we all look forward to this assembly each week.

Our Reading Leaders work hard to keep our library areas tidy and encourage others to look after books as well as making suggestions to other children about books to read. 

We have a display in school of our Reading Leaders and a document wallet showing what we have done over the year.

Alongside reading leaders, we also have some Y5 children who listen to children in our FS2 classes read and share stories aloud with them. The children really love this time.