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A broad and balanced curriculum


The vision

At Greenfield Primary School, we are committed to providing an inspiring, broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum.  Our purpose is to develop resilient, compassionate, aspirational learners who have excellent communication and mathematical skills.  Greenfield pupils will embody British values, and be ready to engage positively with the wider world and see it as a place of endless possibilities. 



At Greenfield Primary School the children really matter and are at the heart of everything that we do. Every child is unique with different strengths, abilities and areas of interest. We recognise that children do not learn in the same way so our curriculum is adapted to meet individual needs. We promote enjoyment for learning and encourage children to be independent, reflective learners and encourage them to develop and apply thinking skills. 

At Greenfield we aim to provide a curriculum that challenges, excites and inspires children to become successful learners and encourages them to develop their individual potential and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. Within all learning opportunities, we will provide a range of approaches/ activities that will engage and motivate all children and is adaptable to provide extra support and new challenges to enable all children to succeed. We recognise and celebrate success and encourage children to challenge themselves and not be afraid to make mistakes and take risks.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which has been developed in line with the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. This incorporates the following Subject Areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, Art, Physical Education and Modern languages (Spanish).

We have developed the school drivers that shape our curriculum. School drivers are the Key characteristics and values that reflect the needs of the children and community and promote the school ethos and to fulfil our vision and ensure that every child achieves their true potential and truly understands that that there are no barriers to success.

Within all topic themes, we will provide opportunities/ experiences to enhance learning using the school drivers.

  • Possibilities - Everyone has the ability to achieve great things.
  • Knowledge of the world – To embrace all that life has to offer.

These alongside PHSE will underpin all teaching and learning within all areas of learning to promote the schools core values.


At Greenfield Primary School, history, geography, art and DT will be taught within a range of exciting topic themes to engage children. Computing will be used to gather and present information in a variety of ways.  Science (focus AT1 developing scientific enquiry), music, physical education, religious education, computing (coding) and Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education will be taught as separate lessons. However we will take opportunities to be included within topic themes where clear links can be made.

We are committed to raising standards and providing children with opportunities to show progress over time and within individual lessons.

To achieve this we will apply the principles of maths lessons that are very effective within history, geography and science lessons

Toolkit- The opportunity to revisit skills and knowledge from previous units to build long term semantic memory. Making clear links between areas of learning and providing opportunities to discuss, clarify and deepen understanding.

DO IT – To develop basic skills and knowledge

Name, describe, observe, label, recall, measure and identify

SECURE IT – To advance skills and knowledge

Explain, classify, identify patterns, predict, interpret, compare and estimate.

PROVE IT – To deepen skills and knowledge

Evaluate, connect ideas, prove, justify and provide evidence to support an argument.

We have high expectations and a strong focus on literacy and maths and are committed to using every opportunity to promote and develop skills. Our curriculum will provide children with the opportunities to develop the basic skills of speaking and listening, reading, writing and maths in a variety of exciting ways, giving them the opportunity to understand how these can be applied in the world around them.   


Long-term plans outline major areas of each subject that will be covered by each year-group in the three terms of the school year. These ensure the breadth of study across school.

Medium-term planning which is more detailed and will include

  • Learning opportunities/ experiences
  • Threshold concepts (Milestones) and indicators of progress
  • Links to speaking and listening, reading writing and maths
  • How we will enhance learning using the curriculum drivers
  • Toolkit and do it/ secure it/ prove it activities


We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our pupils, enriching this in a number of ways including:

  • A range of visits locally and in the wider community, residential
  • Cultural events – theatre trips and visits by musical groups
  • Opportunities to learn to play musical instruments
  • Visitors with particular expertise and interest come to school (role models)
  • Breakfast clubs and afterschool clubs
  • Having a number of special days during each year when we have a particular curriculum focus throughout the school and by having theme weeks


Staff, children and parents will treat others with respect, upholding British values and show tolerance and understanding of the viewpoints of others. 

Children are confident to ask and answer questions within a range of contexts.

Reading sessions and children’s books show opportunities to read fluently and demonstrate understanding of a range of non-fiction texts linked to topic themes.

Topic and literacy books demonstrate high expectations and consistent quality of work within a range of subjects and purposes for writing. 

Children communicate confidently using appropriate language and demonstrate an expanding vocabulary, which they can apply within written work.

Planning and looking at books demonstrate opportunities to deepen understanding, knowledge and skills. 

Investigations and problem solving activities are an integral part of learning opportunities. 

Children have aspirational but realistic goals for the future and understand the steps needed for these goals.

A strong partnership between parents, children and school will be promoted at every opportunity to enable children to fulfil their true potential. 



Subject Curriculum Maps

We are currently re-working these. Once complete they will be shared here. The documents identify the key objectives and outcomes done in each year group and identify topics / focus areas used to deliver the learning.

Curriculum Maps by Year Group

We are currently re-working these and they will be shared here once completed.  Objectives, intended outcomes and topics / focus areas are will be shown for each of the six half-terms are shown for the different  year groups.

Progression Ladders
Subject Information and knowledge organisers


Recovery Curriculum


Our recovery curriculum is a sympathetic, kind and supportive approach to welcoming children back to school-based learning that supports our pupil wellbeing upon returning to school in 2020.

The purpose of a recovery curriculum is to ensure effective learning by focusing on the wellbeing and emotional state of your children.

Click here to view our recovery curriculum.

Writing recovery plan

Reading and phonics recovery plan

Maths recovery plan

Curriculum recovery plan

EYFS recovery plan


If you have any queries about our curriculum that are not answered here please email you child's class teacher or Mrs Karen Hill who is our curriculum lead at



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