Parents are welcome to visit Greenfield Primary school and this should be done by making an appointment either in person or by telephone: (01226) 743468.


Arrangements for Admission of Children – The Nursery (FS1)

Applying online for nursery


Children are admitted to the Nursery the term after their third birthday. We take children on age - not on who gets their child's name down first.  The Education Authority allows us to take 26 children per session. You may put your child's name on the waiting list at any time once your child is 2 years of age, but this does not mean that your child will enter Nursery early. 

To put your child's name on the Nursery waiting list please do so online using this link. Alternatively, telephone our school office on 01226 743468 or . You will need to complete the admissions form return it to Barnsley Council. This can be electronically or by post and you will receive confirmation of receipt of your form.  Your child will then be put on the waiting list. The Local Authority will email or write to inform you when your child is allocated a place. 

Once a place has been offered, we will then contact you with dates for our induction meeting and nursery visits.  During our home visit we will ask to see your child's birth certificate.



Wherever possible, we try to give you a choice in your session time. We currently offer:

  • Five morning sessions per week (8:45am - 11:45am)
  • Five afternoon sessions per week (12:20pm - 3:20pm)
  • Two and a half days**:

    Beginning of week Monday and Tuesday (8:45am  - 3:20pm) and Wednesday (8:45am - 11:45am) OR

    End of week: Wednesday (12:20pm - 3:20pm) and Thursday and Friday (8:45am - 3:20pm)

 **Please note that the 2 and a half days mean that your child is attending for more than the 15 hours which are funded and this will incur a small charge.


Applying online for nursery



Admission to school – Full time Education


Each year in December, January or February, all parents whose children are either transferring to secondary school at age 11 or starting full time education at age 4 or 5 (depending on birth month) will receive the Education Authority's Handbook "' Admission to School -Advice to Parents".  Please be aware that you must apply for a place at a school, even if it’s linked to your child’s current nursery or primary school. 


At the back of the Handbook is a tear-out form. You should complete this form and return it to school as soon as possible and in any event no later than:

You must apply for a primary school place by 15 January 2023 for children starting school in September 2023.

You must apply for a secondary school place by 31 October 2022 for children starting school in September 2023.


Once all the forms are returned or the date for final receipt has passed, the Education Department will decide if the school has room to take all the children who have applied.


Over-subscription criteria:

Greenfield Primary School is allowed to take up to 40 children in each year. If less than 40 children apply then they are all likely to be admitted. If more than 40 children apply, then the decision will be made on the basis of:

  • If they have brothers or sisters in school;
  • Who lives nearest to the school in a direct line.

This is decided by the Education Authority — not by the school.  Having made application for the school of your choice you will be informed of the success or otherwise of the application as soon as possible after the closing date for admissions.



If you don't wish to accept the school place you've been offered for your child, contact the Admissions Team within 10 working days to let them know that you want to make an appeal against the decision. They will send you a Notice of Appeal, which you should complete and return to them, stating the grounds on which you're making the appeal. If you're appealing for a place in another local authority, you must complete one of their notice of appeal forms. You will also receive an Appeal Information Booklet for Parents, which explains the appeal process. 

Barnsley Admissions Team will write to you to let you know the appeal date 14 days before it takes place. They will send you documentation summarising the reasons for refusing the admission at least seven days before the appeal.

You will be responsible for presenting your case, for deciding what you'd like to say at the appeal hearing and what written documentation you want the panel to consider. You should submit all written documentation to the Admissions Team at least seven days before the appeal.

Should your application not secure a place at Greenfield Primary School you are able to lodge an appeal. Please use this link to do so.


Useful weblinks


Applying online for school

Further information from Barnsley Education Authority about applying for places.

An appeals procedure exists for those failing to get into the school of their choice.