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PE and Sports Spending: Sport Premium Overview 2018-2019

Primary School’s Vision Statement:

Greenfield Primary School

At Greenfield Primary School we believe PE & Sport plays an important role in making our vision statement a reality for every pupil, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

In physical education, children take part in a wide variety of activities. They learn that being active is fun and that it is important to lead an active lifestyle.  We use a skills-based approach as the basis of our PE curriculum using the Real PE programme.  All staff received Inset on Real PE in March 2019.   Pupils develop these skills throughout their time at Greenfield and leave with the skills which are fundamental to so many games and sports.

Specific sports are also offered to children as extra-curricular activities at lunchtimes and after school.  These include: football, gymnastics, cricket, handball and netball.

In KS2, in addition to the fundamental skills, pupils also have lessons in swimming and residential trips that provide children with the opportunity to participate in outdoor/adventurous activities

We welcomed the Government’s announcement in 2017 to provide additional funding for 2 years to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all our young people.


Sport Premium Grant

Funding for schools is calculated by the number of primary aged pupils (between the ages of 5 and 11) as at the annual census in January 2015. For the last two years, all schools with 17 or more primary aged pupils receive a lump sum of £16,000 plus a premium of £10 per pupil. Smaller schools will receive £1000 per pupil. (DfE June 2017).

Maintained schools

Maintained schools, including PRUs and general hospitals, do not receive funding directly from DfE. The funding is given to the local authority and then passed on to us.

We give local authorities PE and sport premium funding for maintained schools in one single payment.


Total no of primary aged pupils between the ages of 5-11: 258


Total amount of Sport Premium Grant received 2018-2019: £18,210

Carried forward from 2017-2018: £10,617

This gave us a total of £28,827 for this academic year.



Academic Year 2018/2019

There have been big changes to promote sport this academic year with the introduction of Real PE from Create Development being implemented across all phases of the primary curriculum

After the success of the implementation of Real PE in Y4 with Miss Hardman, Miss Hardman has now delivered training of this sporting curriculum to other staff members. This comes with some very exciting changes in PE provision across school to be revealed and put into practice across the whole school from September 2018. The scheme focusses on the 6 areas of learning – Personal, Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Health and Fitness to promote holistic development focussed around skills. Children will still access competitive sports however these will be incorporated more into clubs and tournament preparation as well as our intra class sporting competitions. In March 2019, all staff received training on the Real PE curriculum and all classes received their boxes and access to the Jasmine portal which gives staff clear lesson planning and a range of skills which will be taught throughout each academic year. The skills show progression throughout the primary curriculum, with different coloured challenges which help staff to differentiate their practice to meet the needs of the children in their cohort. There is also an effective assessment system on the Jasmine portal which helps staff to assess the children in their class and inform future practice.

Additionally, we have used our sports Premium funding to purchase a multi-use games area for the KS2 playground – this will be accessed during playtimes and lunchtimes as well as during PE lessons. This games area will ensure that our playground is a safer playing space for invasion games such as football and hockey. Alongside this games area we are having a small assault course to develop motor skills placed on the grassed area on the key stage 2 yard. These will also be accessible for children at playtimes and lunchtimes as well as used for motor-skills intervention as they will support children’s balance and co-ordination.

What does the Sport Premium mean for my School?

‘Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this’.

At Greenfield Primary School we have split up the funding by the three key areas for consideration; Physical Education, Healthy Active Lifestyles and Competitive Sport. We have decided to spend the Sport Premium Grant on the following:


PE and sport expenditure (to date)

Total Sporting Solutions – Gross Motor Skills FS/KS1 - £6615

After-school clubs - £1280

Supply - £1253

Multi-use games area (MUGA) - £15,766

Swimming - £4000

Transport for sporting events including swimming: £1500

Hoyland Common Partnership: £500

Resources/ real PE : £2500

Presentation evening: £50

Cyber coach: £300

GEMs maintenance: £160

This brings our total to £33,924 (this includes Sports Premium and school funding)


April to September –

£15766 – resources to improve provision in KS2 (MUGA – Trim Trails)



Our successes in 2018/2019 (so far) -  90 children have taken part in fixtures against other schools

  • Hockey
  • Year 3/4 football
  • Netball
  • Year 5/6 football
  • Cross Country – KS1
  • Cross Country KS2
  • Dance open
  • Athletics at EIS
  • Girls football at Sheffield FC
  • Tennis at Kirk Balk

Football League Fixtures and Results

Our football team have played 7 games to date against West Meadows, Tankersley and Springwood, Jump, Ward Green, Birdwell and Wentworth. We have 4 wins and one draw so far.

Purpose of funding

We have undertaken a PE and School Sport audit and developed our Sports Premium plan to raise standards and participation levels in PE throughout the school. Our rationale for the use of Sports Premium funding, which the Governors have agreed, are that it must be used so that:

  • all children benefit regardless of sporting ability
  • children are inspired and motivated to take part in sport and outdoor activities
  • staff have access to training opportunities and continued professional development
  • after school activities have been subsidised so that pupils do not miss out due to financial constraints
  • as far as possible, the school makes use of the outstanding and inspiring grounds for sport, adventure and play as well as the surrounding environment
  • we make use of collaborative and partnership working.

Following the audit we have ensured that we have an extensive range of high quality equipment available for all of the children for all of the sports that we teach.  It is important that the children have access to age appropriate equipment, e.g. children have a football each during games lessons – size 3 for 5 years to 8 years, size 4 for 9 years to 11 years.

What is the Impact of the Sports Premium Grant?

We will be held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils progress and participation in PE and school sport. We are required to publish on-line information about how we have used the additional funding, including details about our sporting provision alongside curriculum details.

Increased opportunities for all of our pupils to access a wider variety of PE and Sports

Developed pupil understanding of the importance of keeping fit and healthy and ways that they can improve their health and fitness.

Pupils who are fitter, healthier and are motivated to continue to improve

Pupils who enjoy sport and play.


With the above rationale in mind, and following the guidelines for how to spend this money, our plans for the use of the Sports Premium 2018/2019 funding include:

  • investment in the professional development of staff at our school so they are best equipped to teach high quality Physical Education and school sport for years to come. This will include staff with opportunites to observe and team teach with sports coaches for professional development in PE and sport;
  • continuing to take part in local sports competitions/events organised by the Hoyland Pyramid during the year 2019/2012 including visits to Kirk Balk;
  • subsidising off-site swimming in order to ensure more able swimmers participate in swimming activities in an environment which will stretch and challenge their swimming ability (regardless of their financial situation);
  • hiring qualified sports coaches to work alongside staff for certain PE modules
  • inviting external agencies into school eg: fencing, FS Ruggereds to inspire our children through workshops and taster sessions;
  • further develop the outdoor and adventurous activities element of the PE curriculum, utilising the school's own grounds and facilities (we are currently looking into developing the area outside year 1 classroom to provide children with a climbing wall and other facilities to improve motor skills and co-ordination).
  • purchasing equipment to offer access to new sports and physical activities as relevant (we are currently looking into procuring equipment for orienteering so that we can use our fantastic local landscape).
  • developing the assessment of PE using Incerts.


Next Steps:


Physical Education:

Raising standards of all our children in Physical education



Sports co-ordinator to disseminate training to staff



Staff delivering high quality PE lessons with confidence


 More children participating in clubs (lunch and after school)

 Positive attitude towards a wide range of sporting activities.

 Sports Leaders to plan and deliver sessions across school daily. .


Children enjoy sport and want to participate in physical activity

Purchasing equipment to offer access to new sports and physical activities as relevant

 Raising aspirations and opportunities.

Review impact of 1K a day challenge.

 Find out benefits of sport in other areas of the curriculum.



    Healthy Active Lifestyles:

    Ensuring all our children have access to regular exercise



  To increase activity levels at breaks and lunchtimes


             Use tracker to ensure Target children are accessing lunch time sports



   Inviting external agencies into school eg: fencing, FS       Ruggereds to inspire our children through workshops

and taster sessions;

             Children will be exposed to a wider range of sports









Competitive School Sport:

Increasing pupils’ participation in extra- curricular sport



To increase the amount of competitive sport opportunities for pupils

                A school competition calendar developed with the School Games


                Develop intra-school competitions

                Complete a calendar for the year to run free clubs alongside to

                practice for events.



Continuing to take part in local sports competitions/events organised by the Hoyland Pyramid during the year 2019/2020 including visits to Kirk Balk

                Children that are keen, motivated and enthusiastic about sport

                 and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.