Greenfield Primary School

Greenfield Primary School

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Cherry Tree Street, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 9RG


FS2 / Y1

LOVELY LIONS 2020- 2021

Year 1 & FS2

Miss Crowley, Mrs Needham (Tuesday afternoon), Mrs Brown and Mrs Hague.


Book bags

Please bring book bags every day apart from Thursday (forest). 



Our library day is Wednesday, please return both library book and the green reading journal. Your child will then be able to choose a new book. 



Children have homework every week. The maths homework will be given out every alternate Friday (Y1) and needs returning Monday. The reading journal will be given out every alternate Wednesday's with your library book and needs returning Monday also. Children will be rewarded with dojo's when they have completed their homework. 



Our PE days are Mondays. Please come dressed in PE kits each week, kits should include a plain white t-shirt and green or black PE shorts. All jewellery must be removed or covered up with plasters on PE days. 


Forest School

Our forest day is Thermal Thursday each week. Please come in dressed for forest. Please do not bring book bags.



 A weekly contribution of £1 helps us ensure we have a variety of foods for snack and baking, including hot chocolate and a biscuit in forest around the fire pit!


Early Essence - FS ONLY 

You can view your child's observations and assessments using our Early Essence website, use the link below and your username and password to log in.



 Our new private Facebook group. Please join.



Autumn Walk 


Poetry Basket


Medieval Banquet


Halloween Party 




The Christmas Poetry Basket


Who came to visit the Lovely Lions? 


Easter Hunt 

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