2020 - 2021 classes archive


Classes and Staffing for 2020 - 2021




Yr Group

Class Teacher

Teaching Assistant (s)

Messy Monkeys


Mrs Shaw

Mrs Staples (Wednesday)

Mrs Sharman

Miss Jones

Mrs Ashurst lunchtimes and Monday afternoon

Busy Bears


Mrs Staples (Monday and Tuesday)

Mrs Hall (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Crofts

Mrs Pudlich

Mrs Ogden daily from 3pm

Learning Lions

FS2 /Year 1

Miss Crowley

Mrs Hague

Mrs Brown (AM)

Friendly Frogs

Year 1/2

Miss Hill

Mrs Upperdine

Mrs Ogden until 3pm

Dazzling Dolphins

Year 2

Mrs Stewart


Mrs Stancer

Reliable Rhinos 

Year  3

Mr Milne


Mrs Thawley


Year  3/4

Mr Sargeant

Miss Clark

Mrs Saxton (AM only)

Fabulous Flamingos

Year 4/5

Miss Naylor

Mrs Bond

 Leaping Lemurs

Year  5/6

Mrs Armitage / Mrs Evans / Mrs Wright

Mrs Rodgers

Mrs Bamforth


Year 6

Miss Hardman

Miss Anstess