2021 - 2022 class archive

Classes and Staffing 2021 - 2022


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In addition to our class teachers, Mrs Saxton (HLTA) works with a group of Y2 children in the morning and covers PPA time in an afternoon and Mrs Needham works with a group of Y5 and Y6 children in a morning and covers PPA time in the afternoon.

Miss Hardman is on maternity leave.


Class Name

Year Group

Class Teacher

Teaching Assistant (s)

Messy Monkeys


Mrs Shaw

Mrs Hall (Tuesdays)

Mrs Sharman

Mrs Williams

Mrs Ashurst (lunchtimes)

Mrs Morrison

Busy Bears


Mrs Staples / Mrs Hall

Miss Fenn

Mrs Pudlich

Learning Lions

FS2 /Year 1

Miss Crowley



Mrs Hague

Mrs Brown 

Mrs Patel

Zippy Zebras

Year 1/2

Miss Hill


Mrs Ogden 


Brilliant Butterflies

Year 2

Mrs Stewart


Mrs Stancer

 Optimistic Otters

Year  3

Mr Milne

Mrs Thawley

Mrs Rodgers

Smart Snakes

Year  3/4

Mr Sargeant


Mrs Upperdine


Kind Koalas

Year 4/5

Miss Naylor


Mrs Bond


Wonderful Wolves

Year  5

Mrs Blackburn


Mrs Bamforth


Diligent Dinosaurs

Year 6

Mrs Wright

Mrs Armitage (with a group of children each morning)

Miss Anstess 

Miss Clark