Greenfield Primary School

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Logical Llamas 2019 - 2020 

We have lots of exciting trips coming up.  Many of us went on the residential to Caythorpe Residential Centre at the end of September. We will be going to Pizza Express to make pizzas which we will link to our literacy work in November, vising Crucial Crew to learn life skills in November and the Lyceum in Sheffield to watch the Cinderella Pantomime with lots of star performers in December! On Tuesday 21st January, we are going to Old Trafford football stadium to learn about WW2 (this includes a stadium tour and visit to the shop) and then going across the road to the Imperial War Museum! Click here for the Manchester United trip letter.

Forest Afternoon Dates

Playing and Composing Music

Pizza Express Trip (Y6 Pupils)

Crucial Crew Trip (Y6 Pupils)