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Roald Dahl 2020

The Christmas Poetry Basket by The Busy Bears Class.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

Making our Christmas hats.

It's official, we love glitter!!

Santa sent the Busy Bears class a personal letter. It was fantastic.

Just look at our faces.

Our Christmas lunch was delicious.

Our party was so much fun!

And what a way to end the year!!!


Remembrance Day 2020

We had a wonderful day thinking about all of the soldiers who fought in wars to help keep us safe.  We talked about what happens on remembrance day and the importance of it.  We found out why we wear poppy's, why we stay silent for a minute or two and why remembrance day is on the 11th November each year. 

We wanted to make some poppy's. We used some fabric and wool and designed it into a flower shape. Look how agile we are with the needle.

We noticed a lot of soldiers wear medals. We wanted to design our own medals. We used bronze, silver and gold colours to represent the metal.

We practiced our pencil grip and cutting skills by cutting poppy's and drawing pictures.

We made some lovely poppy's using the red playdough. We are trying hard to roll the dough flat.

We wrote some words which made us think about remembrance day. 'poppy', 'red', 'war' and 'happy'.

We counted some poppy's and wrote the numeral. We are trying hard to form our numbers correctly.

We practised our large movements by drawing poppy's on the playground. "We go all the way round for the middle bit" said Millie-Jo.

We had a wonderful day. What an amazing community we are!

Spooktacular Fun!

The children have been using their fine motor skills whilst exploring the Halloween themed activities this week!

They have busily written and made spells, created spooky monsters with dough and enjoyed Halloween puzzles. 


We’ve read the story Funny Bones by Janet and Allen Ahlberg, we looked at the illustrations and created our own skeleton pictures using art straws. Using the scissors we cut the straws down to the correct sizes that we needed.

We have loved exploring the pumpkins

We’ve been learning the poem ‘Pointy Hat’ have a listen, aren’t we fab!


We had a brilliant day joining in with Hello Yellow day.

We looked amazing! The yellow colour cheered us all up and made us feel happy!

We started the day off telling jokes.

We loved Theo's: "What do you call a wobbly helicopter?" "A jellycopter!!"

We then designed our very own Superhero's.

We used our cutting and sticking skills to make some selfie props.

We drew our feelings on some bunting and displayed it around our classroom. Most of us felt happy!

We explored the yellow play dough. Developing our fine motor skills, creativity, social skills and imagination.

Finally, we listened to the story called Sweep by Louise Greig. We explored Ed's emotions. Ed's bad mood begins as something really small but before long it grows and spreads through the whole town. We thought about how Ed can sweep his troubles away. 

We had a great morning followed by a fantastic afternoon in the forest!

The Poetry Basket: Falling Leaves

The Busy Bears get Musical!

We are exploring pulse and rhythm. We have been listening to different genres of music and learning nursery rhymes.

We have been focusing on the nursery rhyme, 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive.

We learnt some of the words, we clapped and we patted to the rhythm.

We have also been learning to use the claves. We enjoy using them to keep the rhythm.

One of our favourite songs is called Celebration by Kool and the Gang.

We even know some of these words too!

Look at how well we can keep the rhythm! We are concentrating so hard!!

 We also like the song called Happy, by Pharrell Williams.

We decided it had a slower beat. It wasn't easy to keep to the beat, we tried really hard and we had to listen very carefully.

It made us feel very HAPPY! 

Our first Fresh Air Friday session in the beautiful sunshine!

Our teachers were super proud of us because we walked to the forest so sensibly!

We talked about why we couldn't enter the fire pit and where we needed to sit around the fire pit.

Look how brilliant we were at sitting around the fire pit!

It was then time to explore the forest!

The afternoon went so fast. We had so much fun!

The Bears do PE!!


Today was our first PE session at school and we loved it!!

It was a gorgeous sunny day and we had lots of space on the field to exercise.

We warmed up our bodies by stretching and running, we played team games and learnt some new yoga moves!

Our learning focus this term is balance and co ordination.

Roald Dahl 2020

This year's global celebration of Roald Dahl stories will be marked on the 13th September as Roald Dahl Story Day! We joined in with this celebration in the Busy Bears class on Friday 11th September.

We looked at all the different books Roald Dahl has written. We were in awe. We loved the illustrations by Quentin Blake too. We talked about what the word author and illustrator mean.

We watched a very old interview of Roald Dahl and short film which was made in 1982! The children loved seeing how Roald Dahl settled into to his shed to write his books. We particularly liked how he sharpened his pencils!!

We decided to focus on the story of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". We also watched a few clips from the film made in 1971. We loved the old fashioned sweet shop.

We enjoyed lots of fun activities throughout the day. We hunted for a Golden Ticket, we found a golden coin, we pretended our play dough was the Bubble Gum which Violet Beauregarde was obsessed with and we melted chocolate and made chocolate fruit kebabs. We used the apples which we harvested in our very own Greenfield forest! They were delicious. As we melted the chocolate we noticed how it became soft, gooey and warm. 

Check out our chocolaty faces!!

This was a great end to a fantastic first week in the Busy Bears class and we are all Stars Of The Week.

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