2019 - 2020 class archive

2019 - 2020 Classes


Messy Monkeys FS1

Mrs M Shaw

Mrs R Hall - All day Tuesday

Mrs Sharman, Miss Jones, Mrs Ashurst, and Miss K Fenn (working across foundation stage)


Busy Bears FS2

Mrs R Hall and Mrs E Staples

Mrs R Crofts, Mrs S Pudlich and Miss K Fenn (working across foundation stage)


Lovely Lions FS2 / Y1

Miss B Crowley

Mrs A Saxton Tuesday PM

Mrs H Hague, Mrs M Brown, and Mrs A Brown (mornings)


Skillful Squirrels Y1 / Y2

Miss K Hill

Mrs K Armitage Tuesday PM

Mrs T Upperdine


Cheerful Cheetahs Y2

Mrs S Stewart

Mrs A Saxton Monday and Thursday afternoon

Mrs A Stancer


Rising Robins Y3

Mr A Milne

Mrs A Saxton Wednesday PM

Mrs S Thawley


Practical Pandas Y3 / Y4

Mr N Sargeant

Mrs P Walton Thursday afternoon

Miss A Clarke


Ambitious Alpacas Y4 / Y5

Miss S Naylor

Mrs P Walton Tuesday and Friday afternoon

Mrs Y Bond


Brilliant Baboons Y5 / Y6

Mrs D Evans

Mrs P Walton Monday afternoon

Mrs N Rogers Wednesday,  Thursday and Friday afternoon

Mrs Laycock from Barnsley Music Services teaches flutes for 1 hour on a Friday afternoon

Mrs E Bamforth and Mrs S Rodgers


Logical Llamas Y6

Miss R Hardman (the class is split with Mrs R Wright each morning and Tuesday and Friday afternoons)

Mrs Wright Thursday PM

Mrs K Anstess and Miss A Rice