2018 - 2019 class archive

Messy Monkeys (F1 / Nursery)

Mrs Shaw

Mrs A Saxton Monday PM and Mrs E Staples Thursday all day

Mrs S Sharman, Miss M Brown, Mrs C Ashurst (lunchtime) and Miss K Fenn (working across foundation stage)

Busy Bears (F2/Reception)

Mrs R Hall and Mrs E Staples

Mrs D Jones and Mrs H Hauge and Miss K Fenn (working across foundation stage)

Lovely Lions (F2 / Y1)

Miss B Crowley

Mrs A Saxton Wednesday PM

Mrs R Crofts and Mrs A Brown (mornings)

Generous Giraffes (Y1 / Y2)

Miss K Hill

Mrs A Saxton Tuesday PM

Mrs S Thawley

Epic Elephants (Y2)

Mrs S Stewart

Mrs N Stewart Wednesday PM and Thursday PM

Mrs A Stancer

Helpful Hedgehogs (Y3)

Mr A Milne

Mrs A Saxton Thursday PM

Mrs T Upperdine

Mysterious Meerkats (Y3 / Y4)

Miss E Greveson

Mrs N Stewart Wednesday AM

Mr S Field and Mrs Y Bond

Fantastic Falcons (Y4 / Y5)

Mr N Sargeant

Mrs N Stewart Thursday AM

Miss A Clarke

Amazing Apes (Y5)

Mrs D Evans

Mrs K Armitage Monday all day and Tuesday AM

Mrs Laycock from Barnsley Music Services teaches flutes on a Tuesday afternoon

Mrs E Bamforth and Mrs S Rodgers

Optimistic Octopuses (Y6)

Miss R Hardman (the class is split with Mrs R Wright each morning and Monday and Thursday afternoon)

Mrs Wright Wednesday PM

Mrs K Anstess and Miss A Rice