2016 - 2017 class archive

Class Teacher Support Staff
Messy Monkeys Mrs M Shaw

Mrs A Pell and Miss E Welch 

Mrs Saxton all day Tuesday, Thursday  A.M

Miss K Fenn (working across Foundation Stage)

Mrs C Ashurst (lunch time)

Busy Bears Mrs R Hall

Miss D Jones and Mrs H Hague

Mrs Saxton all day Friday.

Fantastic Foxes

Mrs L Dawson

(Miss Senior on maternity leave)

Mrs A Brown and Mrs S Sharman

Mrs Saxton Thursday PM

Zany Zebras Miss K Hill Mrs T Upperdine
Creative Cats Mrs N Rogers

Mrs A Stancer

Mrs Saxton Monday A.M

Glorious Goldfish Mr A Milne Mrs S Thawley
Shining Sharks Mrs S Stewart

Miss A Clark and Mrs S Rodgers

Mrs Saxton Monday and Wednesday P.M

Curious Kangaroos Miss R Hardman Mr S Field
Perfect Penguins



Mrs D Evans


Mrs E Bamforth
Persevering Pandas

Mrs S Hawkins

(With the class split between Mrs Armitage , Mrs Wright and Mrs Walton)

Miss A Rice

Mrs K Anstess