2015 - 2016 Classes Archive



Welcome to our class pages. By clicking on the class names you can find out more about each class.

*All support staff are in class full time unless specified.


Red Rockets

(Foundation Stage 1 / Nursery)

Mrs Shaw

Mrs Pell,  Mrs Ashurst and Miss Welch

Mrs Saxton (Mon PM and Tuesday all day)

Mrs Sharman (Wellcomm Groups)


Yellow Yachts

(Foundation Stage 2)


Mrs Hall

Mrs Hague

Mrs Sharman (Wellcomm Groups)

Mrs Saxton (All day Friday) 



Blue Balloons

(Foundation Stage 2)

Miss Senior

Mrs Stancer

Mrs Sharman (Wellcomm Groups)

Mrs Saxton (Thursday PM)

Friendly Fish 

(Year 1 / Class 1)


Miss Hardman

Miss Jones and Mrs Brown (mornings)

 Fantastic Frogs

(Year 1 / 2 / Class 2)


Miss Hill

Mrs Upperdine

Spectacular Starfish

(Year 2 / Class 3)


Mrs Rogers

Mr Field and Miss Williams (Wednesday and Thursday)

Cheerful Chickens

(Year 3 / Class 4)


Mr Milne

Mrs Thawley, Mrs Rodgers (mornings)

Clever chameleons 

(Year 4 / Class 5)

Mrs Evans

Mrs Bamforth, Mrs Saxton (Monday and Thursday) and Mrs Bond (Wednesday and Friday)

Winning Wolves 

 (Year 5 / Class 6)

Mrs Stewart

Miss Clark and Miss Rice (afternoons)

Triumphant Turtles

(Year 6 / Class 7)


Miss Murray and Mrs Wright

Mrs Saxton (Wednesday PM), Miss Rice and Mrs Anstess