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Imagination Gaming: Dinosaurs September 2021

Imagination Gaming: Dinosaurs September 2021

We had a super game working with Nigel on a variety of different games. To start the morning off we worked on a number of different thinking games using the visualizer. These really made us think... 


If a farmer had 15 sheep and all but 8 died, how many were still alive? 

Have a think! The answer is at the bottom... no cheating...

We then moved onto playing games in small groups. We had to collaborate really well and listen carefully for the instructions. Once we had played the game, one person from each table moved with the game and taught it to the next group. This further encouraged our listening and explaining skills.

There were 8 sheep still alive and not 7. It's all in the wording - all but 8 means that 8 didn't die.

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