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Summer Term 2022

Summer Term 2022


Sports day

Such an amazing afternoon; the children were little sports stars! 

They have worked so hard practising the races, they have learnt and developed their skills with throwing, balancing and racing.

Check out how fantastic they are!

Williams Den

We had a lovely time at Williams Den. We made some fantastic memories in an inspiring outdoor adventure land. We explored, we climbed, we swung, we walked, we got wet and we ate!


We have absolutely loved watching our caterpillars grow. We have been observing their movements and body shapes. Look at our amazing writing about caterpillars.

We decided to make our own caterpillars using clay.

We needed to use tools and our muscles to pull the clay away from the large bag first. 

We rolled the clay, twisted the clay and then shaped the clay into a caterpillar shape. We hunted for sticks to use as the10 small legs and two longer antennae's. We knew we needed an even amount of legs and antennae. Finally we added googly eyes. Our class caterpillar is called Colin. What's yours called?

Our Jubilee Celebrations!!!

We had a wonderful day on Friday to finish off our wonderful week.

We enjoyed getting together in our classroom to have our Jubilee party. 

We continued to decorate our classroom.

We tried hard to make red, white and blue paper chains. Our flags looked brilliant too! 

In the forest we hunted for leaves to make our crowns. When they were all sprayed silver we looked very royal!

We enjoyed eating the biscuits in the forest that we made too. They were yummy!

23.6.2022 - The queen's Jubilee

The children have been busy this week decorating the classroom ready for the Jubilee lunch on Friday.

Using ready mixed paint the children used fine brushes to carefully colour the different sections of the union jack flag. The children had fantastic concentration as they tried so hard to stay within the lines for each section. The children have discussed the different flags from around the world and know that the union jack represents the United Kingdom.

They were very excited to hang it up in the classroom! 

The children not only made flags for the classroom but were invited to decorate bunting that will be used to decorate some of the streets in Hoyland. Keep your eyes peeled!

The children have applied there maths skills to measure and weigh when making biscuits for the celebrations on Friday. The children used lots of their developing motor skills to roll, pat, squeeze and flatten the biscuit dough.

26.4.2022 - Handa's surprise 

This week the children have enjoyed the new focus book 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Browne.

You can revisit the story together by clicking on the image above.

The children have learnt about the country where the story is set; Africa and how we would get there. Using google maps the children were able to see how  far away Africa is from Hoyland.

The children have also learnt some of the fruits from the story that they were unfamiliar with such as passion fruit, guava and avocado. 

Have a look at the fruit kebabs we made for snack. Everyone had a go at tasting each new fruit.

'It tastes like a watermelon' Georgie commented as she drank the Guava juice.

'there's juice coming down my hand' said Noah. 'It's cos its juicy pineapple' replied Isabelle.

Passion fruit was a little tricky to scoop out but the children persisted. 

'It's like jelly' said Amara. 'it's sour, it gets my cheeks' giggled Angel Mae

'I really like this, mines all gone' said Joey!

Next the children voted for their favourite fruit- we used the pictogram app on Mini Mash to record our results.

Can you remember your favourite fruit?

Modelling with clay

The children used the clay to create their own fruits.

'It's cold and hard' said Luke. The children worked hard to warm up the clay so that they could manipulate and shape it into their chosen fruit.

Once happy with the shape of the clay the children paid great attention to detail; using tools and techniques to add the detail.

'The avacado is bumpy' said Joshua.

'This pineapple is prickly and has a spikey top' commented Carter

'I've put lots of little dots on my orange, cos the skin has got tiny holes' said Teddy.

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