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Greenfield Primary School

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Fun in the forest 2021

Fun in the forest 2021

We noticed a lonely Christmas tree on the playground with no decorations so of course we made a decoration so Santa would notice us. We even used glitter so he could spot our tree in the sky! 


Mrs Shaw asked us if we would like a fire in the forest...of course we jumped at the chance in this cold weather! 

We toasted marshmallows and Mrs Shaw made sure we were all very safe... using long sticks and kneeling next to the fire so we could step back really quickly! 

We really enjoyed doing this.

Some of us wanting to eat them on the sticks and some of us wanted to eat them as a marshmallow sandwich! We really enjoyed them! 

Some of us got a little messy!

Some of us couldn't eat it off the stick so Miss Crowley had to hold the stick while we took it off!

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