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A full version of the guidance and advice is available here- E-SAFETY advice and guidance to keep your child safe while using technology or here to download (high quality version).

While we undertake regular sessions and lessons with children about 'Staying Safe, we have collated a number of practical guides from the excellent website.

The guides are quite current and comprehensive...we are confident that they will be useful in supporting you keep your children safe online.

Supervision, sensible access/restriction and adult awareness are key considerations, though they are also difficult to achieve given the rate of technological change!

Copies of the guides are also available in school.

Other useful information can be found here

If you need to report an issue outside of school, CEOP have a dedicated reporting process.  This is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection safety centre and they are part of the Police.  They have extensive resource and dedicated officers to deal with investigations. is the link to use to REPORT possible crimes or issues online.

October 2019: Fortnite Chapter 2 is just the latest instalment of this hugely popular gaming experience. Enjoyed by millions of children and young people all over the world and accessible on almost every platform and every device, its brand continues to get stronger and stronger. But should parents worry? Can the game become an addiction? And how violent is it? Find out with this new guide.

Created by gaming expert Mark Foster, this guide provides expert insight into what makes Fortnite so popular. Highlighting the main features of the game and providing useful tips for parents and carers, this guide is a must read to better understand the whole Fortnite phenomenon. Click the link below to access your free guide now.


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