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Complaints Procedure and Policy

Greenfield Primary School

Complaints Policy and Procedure


Greenfield Primary School believes that most complaints can be dealt with through an informal discussion with the appropriate member of staff in school. Because of this, the Greenfield Primary School would always advise parents/carers to talk the complaint over with someone in school before making the complaint formal. This would normally be with the child’s class teacher and parents/carers should do this as soon as they have a concern or complaint. However if this does not resolve the concern/complaint, it can then be taken to the next stage of the complaints procedure.


What to do next - formal complaint:

The next stage of the Complaints Procedure is to make the complaint to the Headteacher of the school. This can be done in writing (using the form which is part of this policy document) or by making an appointment to see the Headteacher in person.


The Headteacher will decide whether to:

(i) deal with the complaint themselves; or

(ii) delegate to an appropriate member of staff


The Headteacher will investigate the complaint by talking to the relevant members of staff within school or where necessary by talking to pupils. The school will acknowledge the formal complaint in writing normally within 5 school days, and within a further 20 school days an investigation of the complaint will be undertaken. Once the investigation is complete the Headteacher or the delegated member of staff will contact the parents/carers with an outcome. The outcome will usually be given in writing; however it may also be given by telephone or in person. It is normally given within 5 school days of completing the investigation.


If your complaint is about the Headteacher:

If the complaint is about the Headteacher, parents/carers would need to put your complaint in writing to the Chair of Governors who can be contacted by leaving your number with school so they can contact you.  As in the previous stage the Chair of Governors will investigate the complaint by talking to the relevant people in school. They will then contact the parents/carers with an outcome.


If you remain dissatisfied – making an appeal:

If it is deemed appropriate or necessary you may be invited to meet representatives to discuss further (at any point during the procedure). If the parents/carers are still not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint they will be advised whether or not they have grounds on which to make an appeal to the Governing Body. An appeal cannot be made simply on the grounds that you disagree with the outcome.


At this stage the complaint will be heard by a panel or committee of school governors. These governors would have no previous knowledge of your complaint. To make sure that complaints are heard fairly at this stage we would ask parents/carers do not to discuss the complaint with school governors.


A Governing Body meeting with the panel of governors will be held normally within 15 school days of being informing that the parents/carers wish to appeal. This meeting would be the opportunity to give details of the complaint and say why the parents/carers think the outcome offered by the Headteacher is not satisfactory. In the instance of a complaint about a Headteacher, the appeal would be heard by Chair of Governors. Please note that the panel will only hear details of the original complaint. It is therefore important that parents/carers only talk about things mentioned in the previous stage and not about things that might have happened since then. If parents/carers do mention something different, the panel may ask the Headteacher to consider the complaint again taking into consideration the new information.


The Governors will hear the complaint and then talk about what they think should happen next. If the Governors agree that the outcome given by the Headteacher is satisfactory, parents/carers cannot take the complaint any further in school.


If the Governors do not agree with the outcome of the complaint, they will talk to the Headteacher about what to do next.  The decision of the Governing Body will be sent to parents/carers, in writing, soon after the meeting.


It is important to note that some decisions that are made in school are the responsibility of the Headteacher. This means that even if the Governing Body or the panel does not agree with the Headteachers’ decision, they cannot do anything to change it. This is the final stage of the formal Complaints Procedure.


The role of the Local Authority  

Parents/carers can contact the Local Authority if they feel that a school has not followed the correct procedure when dealing with the complaint. The Local Authority can look at how a school has investigated the complaint and tell the school whether this was done right or not.

The Local Authority cannot make the school re-investigate a complaint and cannot investigate the complaint itself.

However if parents/carers feel that the school has acted illegally they can take the complaint to the Secretary of State at the Department for Education.


Further information:

Please contact the school for advice if the parents/carers or someone else needs this information in: braille, on audiotape, in large print, or in another language.


Complaints Form – Greenfield  Primary School

Please fill in this form if you wish to make a complaint about Greenfield Primary School.


When you have completed this form please send it to the Headteacher.


Your name




Your child’s name if appropriate




Your address









Your telephone number




Have you already discussed this with a member of staff?


If yes please explain when and who.


Yes            No














Please use this space to tell us about the complaint and use additional paper if required.














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