Greenfield Primary School

Try our best, to be the best we can.

School Governors

We are fortunate to have a governing body that is actively involved in school. They support all the projects that we are developing and monitor our work. Reports from school visits and discussions with subject leaders are kept electronically and in a folder in school.  Any of the Governors can be contacted if you wish to raise items for the Governors’ meetings. Please get in touch with the school for individual contact details.

Term of office                                                                                                             Start date        Expiry date

Mrs Linda Richards, LEA Representative (no registered business or financial interest) (Literacy / Maths)    28/02/2013           11/11/2018

Vice-Chairperson: Mr Robert Holler, Community Representative.  (Health and Safety )                                22/06/2005           11/11/2018
Own business-RHE installations

Headteacher: Mr Andrew Ralph, Tel:01226 743468 (no registered business or financial interest)

Teacher Representative: Mrs Natalie Rogers (no registered business or financial                                        22/03/2013            21/03/2013

Staff Representative: Mrs Tracy Upperdine (no registered business or financial interest)                            12/04/2000            11/11/2018

Community Representatives:
Ms Amanda Rice (no registered business or financial interest)                                                                      11/11/2018           20/01/2012
Mrs Rebecca Crossley (no registered business or financial interest) (Safeguarding)                                      29/03/2016           28/03/2020
Mrs Denise Haines (no registered business or financial interest)


Parent Representative:
Mrs Leanne Allen (no registered business or financial interest)  (SEN and Standards / Attainment)            22/10/2014          21/10/2018
Mrs Joanne Spensley (no registered business or financial interest) (Pupil Premium)                                    12/07/2016           11/07/2020
Mrs Nicola Hindley (no registered business or financial interest) (Performance Management)                    22/10/2014           21/10/2018
Mrs Lisa Nicholson (no registered business or financial interest)                                                                  13/05/2016           12/05/2020


Specific Roles:
Safeguarding: Rebecca Crossley
Health and Safety: Robert Holler
SEN: Leanne Allen
Literacy/maths: Linda Richards
Performance Management: Nicola Hindley
Standards/attainment: Leanne Allen
Pupil Premium: Joanne Spensley